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Shanghai Rongtai Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address:Building 8, No. 255, Cao Nong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Repair service hotline :86-21-37013385

Phone :021-37013385/37013386

Fax :86-21-59882370

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Instructions for product return to the factory for repair

1. First get in touch with Rongtai Company to explain the product malfunction. After-sales staff will check the relevant information with you and inform you whether you need to return to the factory for repair.

2. When you confirm that you need to return to the factory for repair, please send the faulty product to our company. Please attach a brief description with the product, stating the fault phenomenon and detailed return address information. Please cover the product with contaminants. Put it in a ziplock bag for isolation before mailing. Shipping costs must be borne by the sender.

3. Free maintenance services are provided for in-warranty products, and paid maintenance services are provided for out-of-warranty products. If the repair involves a chargeable item, please consult the product repair cost before proceeding.

4. The maintenance period is generally within 5 working days and the product is returned to the factory for maintenance. Out-of-warranty repairs will be completed within 5 working days after the repair payment is received. After the repair is completed, it will be sent back according to the customer's requirements. The freight is borne by Rongtai Company.

After-sales service instructions

1. Please remit the repair fee to our account as soon as possible after receiving the notice of Rongtai's after-sales repair charge. Contact our account information to provide after-sales service.

2. Please indicate in the remarks column of the remittance order: repair fee or parts payment, as well as your express name and express number, and try to fill in relevant information such as the company's city and sender (it is helpful to send it back as soon as possible) .

3. After the remittance is completed, please contact the after-sales staff of our company as soon as possible. We will confirm your invoicing information (invoicing unit) when you call.

The contact information is as follows:

Maintenance service telephone: 021-37013385/37013386

After confirming the receipt of the repair fee, the after-sales service will immediately arrange the repair.

Note: Under normal circumstances, all maintenance fees will be issued with ordinary VAT invoices.

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Company Name:Shanghai Rongtai Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address :Building 8, No. 255, Cao Nong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Phone :021-37013385/37013386
Fax :86-21-59882370
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